How to choose a bicycle helmet

We recommend to always wear the helmet when cycling. Whether on a short or a long route - in both cases it can save your life.

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What to notice on a helmet

  • weight - the lighter, the better; on a longer journey the neck is less stressed,
  • air vents - more air in the helmet cools the head and reduces sweating,
  • padding - absorbs sweat, can be cleaned,
  • replaceable parts - visor and eye protector,
  • aerodynamics - faster ride,
  • certificate „EN 1078".
  • price - related to material, design, aerodynamics, ventilation and accessories (shell, insect net and visor).

Size: measure the circumference of your head above your ears with a tailor's meter.

Trying on: customize your helmet with the wheel button at the back. Tilt your head forward, tilt it back, nod to side. The helmet is suitable if it sticks firmly to the head during head movements even without the strap under the chin. After switching on, there should be space for 2 fingers between the strap and chin. The straps must not touch the ears. Try more models and compare them.

Correct helmet position on head

  • is in a horizontal position - protecting the forehead, top and crown of the head,
  • it's the right size - it's neither small nor large,
  • does not fall to either side,
  • the chin strap is locked.

Types of helmets

Electric bicycle helmet

E-biking is booming: more and more cyclists are choosing bicycles with electric assist. Especially commuters, who choose them as an alternative to cars and public transport. The higher speeds that can be reached by e-bikes and speed pedelecs change the demands put on protective equipment.


City, Countryside, the Future: increasingly, bicycles will become the most important means of transport in urban areas, promising independence and improving quality of life. Visibility on a bike is essential – to safeguard both the rider and other road users. Reflective details on clothing and perfectly working bicycle lights are often used.

Helmet with a built-in visor

Helmet with a built-in visor lens. In road traffic, the litemirror silver (level 1 protection) all-weather visor protects the eyes from sun, wind, dust and instects. Day or night, uvex final visor can even be worn over prescription eyewear. The visor lens can replace sunglasses and it widens the field of view. No more watery eyes: for women, smeared mascara is a thing of the past.


Made out of best material with superior protection and great ventilation. Design with the lowered sides and more surface at the back of head provides additional safety and at the same time stays true to Enduro style. Also ventilation management system-in hot conditions is necessary.


Made out of strong material with superior protection, protects the scruff of the head. Has fewer ventilation holes to make it stronger. Rounded design for greater durability.

Integral for downhill/freeride

Provides the highest security. Protects the jaw, sides and back of the head. For maximum strength and durability, it has no ventilation holes. The construction, material and integrity of this massive helmet will also sign on its higher weight.

Race helmet

On the hunt for a new personal best time, everything has to be right - whether you’re on a ride after work, training for the next competition, or racing. Perfect aerodynamic shape allows for faster riding. High protection, comfort, well ventilated design and low weight makes you forget that you are wearing it.

Children helmet

For children up to 15 years, the helmet is obligatory for a cyclist.

If the child's helmet is large, it does not satisfy the protective function.

A child in a bicycle seat/trailer behind the bicycle must also have a helmet.

Hygiene & care

The padding can be removed and washed. Clean the helmet with water or diluted soap. Chemical agents can damage the material. If the helmet is damaged/cracked, it loses it's protective properties. We recommend replacing it with a new one.







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