How to choose the right ski goggles

Don't underestimate the pick of the right winter sports goggles. Even on winter days, the sun's rays damage the eyes. Pay attention to the 100% UV filter and the usefulness of glasses that protect your eyes from the sun, wind, snow, rain and possible injury in the event of a fall.

What to do: Try your glasses to see if they fit your nose and face. Customize them, slide up/down, or pull the strap. If you feel comfortable, look out the window or go out in front of the store and test the color visibility of the surroundings. If you like color, all you have to do is fine-tune your outfit - combine it with your helmet to keep the spectacle frame inside your helmet design.

Pick according to these factors:

1. Color, type of lens

Choosing a color is important because of the weather you will be using. Be careful with mirror lenses because the color of the outside lens is different from the inside color of the lens.

Clear or brightening lens (yellow, orange or other reflective color, cat. S0 / S1 / S2) are used especially in bad weather. They highlight the terrain, brighten the colors of the surroundings and provide a full and safe experience. This type of glass is not recommended in sunny weather as it excessively brightens the light.

Dark colored or mirror lens (cat. S3 / S4) are especially suitable for sunny weather. The outer layer absorbs the sun's rays, whether by mirror or darker outer layer. From the inside there is sometimes orange lens. This combination ensures excellent goggles' properties even in slightly bad weather.

S0, S1





variomatic® S1-S3


(VP X)


variomatic® polavision® extended S2-S4


take off polavision® S1

take off polavision® S2

take off polavision® S3

take off polavision® S4


take off S1

take off S2

take off S3

take off S4


polavision® S1

polavision® S2




lasergold lite S1

lasergold lite S2




lasergold S1

lasergold S2




litemirror S1

litemirror S2

litemirror S3



fullmirror S1

fullmirror S2

fullmirror S3

fullmirror S4


colorvision S1

colorvision S2

colorvision S3

2. Technology

All uvex ski goggles guarantee 100% UV and fog protection. They also offer other useful technologies that increase comfort and safety on the slope.

colorvision: color tinting of the glass increases the contrast between colors and improves the visibility of the terrain. Available in:

  • yellow - in bad weather and fog,
  • orange - for semi-cloud,
  • green - in sunny weather.

variomatic®: technology without compromise. Automatically responds to changing light conditions. Depending on the current weather, it adjusts the intensity of the darkness of the glass through the S1 - S3 levels in a very short time.

variomatic® polavision® extended: Combining two technologies in one lens for 100% comfort and riding experience. Variomatic® adapts to lighting conditions, while polavision® removes dazzling glow and dazzling reflections from snow and shiny objects.

polavision®: glittering snow directing light reflection directly into the eyes can be easily dimmed. Blinding reflections are reduced to normal light.

lasergold/lasergold lite: special brightening color of the lenses for bad weather. Highlights the terrain structure. Brightens the color of the environment in cloudy weather, snowfall, fog and dusk. Not suitable for sunny weather.

litemirror/fullmirror: the mirror filter on the lens provides additional protection from infrared radiation. It is used in sunny weather.

supravision®: a type of anti-fogging technology that exceeds EN174 standards. It provides secure vision even in the most unfavorable conditions.

decentral lenses ensure undistorted view of slope terrain, roughness, curves and distance despite the curvature of the glasses. They provide better peripheral vision.

3. Design

The design of the goggles brings comfort - the size and type of the goggles must fit the face and nose. They must not push anywhere!

Combining goggles with appropriate helmet models creates unique color match, uniformity of curves and compatibility for special ventilation.

Small holes on the lenses provide direct ventilation through the lens. They improve the anti-fog function of the glasses. Further ventilation is provided by the structure and filling of the frame.

Larger goggles design allows you to wear prescription glasses under these goggles (design OTG – over the glasses).

break-resistant: the lenses are highly durable and does not shatter in the event of impact.

Take-off (TO) goggles design includes two colored lenses - the first lighter, suitable for inclement weather and the second darker, which magnetically attaches to the first and protects the eyes in sunny weather.






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